Quality Auditor

Company Name:
Delta Faucet Company
The auditor must also be knowledgeable of the care and use of gauges in the Quality department including: Calipers, Micrometers, Height gauges, Indicators, Bore Gauges, Comparators, Finish Testers, Water Test stations, Durometers, Plug Gauges, Ring Gauges, Thread Gauges, Flush pin gauges, Spectrophotometer and Laser Mic.
The Quality Auditor must be knowledgeable of the Start and End of Run Inspections. This process entails the reporting per the control plan, placing part information on workstations (i.e., gauges, paperwork, and Start up parts) and retrieving part information from workstations (gauges, paperwork, and end of run parts).
The Quality Auditor must be familiar with the In Process Inspection procedures made up of dimensional audits, visual audits (O.Q.I's, Attribute data, etc) and final audits. The Q.A. auditor must have knowledge of rejecting and/or placing parts on hold as well the receiving inspection procedures.
Collects and inspects numerous samples of production parts during the course of a shift using any number of the above processes and procedures.
Auto req ID 16233BR
Job Title Quality Auditor
Business Unit Delta Faucet Company
Job Posting Category Quality/Assurance/Safety
City Morgantown
State/Province Kentucky
Country United States

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